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One heated wager is about to melt far more than snow...




London, England - Winter of 1860
When all the ladies of London realize that handsome and refined gentleman, the Duke of Ainsley, is formally looking for a wife, only two weeks before Christmas, a mad dash to claim him begins. Miss Barrington knows her chances with the duke are incredibly good given what her close gypsy friend had once foretold. But a forgotten wager with her greatest nemesis, American millionaire, Mr. Redstone, is about to bring on complications and...chaos.

Will she claim the dashing and respectable duke which was once foretold by the stars? Or will she fall for Mr. Redstone and go against destiny itself? Only the days leading up to Christmas will tell! 

A mysterious key to an attic that cannot be found...
And a long forgotten wager that is about to turn

Miss  Barrington's life into a holiday mess.


A Happy Christmas series, Book 1



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