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28 Random Facts about Delilah

1.) Delilah is her real name.
2.) She met a guy named Samson back in college.  He even had long hair! She never tried to date him. She knew it wouldn't end well...
3.) She speaks Polish and English fluently.
4.) She is married.  Thank God. 
5.) Most of her favorite authors are dead & include:  Edith Wharton, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, Chaucer, & Henry Fielding.    
6.) First romance book she ever read: Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught.
7.) All of the heroes in her books are based on her husband. He is a model, a firefighter and an engineer.
8.) She travels to all the places she writes about and loves knowing it's a tax write off!
9.) She can type 90 words per minute.
10.) Her source of caffeine for writing is Green Tea.
11.)  She is not as young as she looks.  She hopes it lasts.
12.)  Her favorite food is sushi.
13.)  Her obsession with historical sex leads her to purchase things she shouldn't. She owns an authentic Victorian Chastity belt. She doesn't wear it.
14.) She loves animals but doesn't own any. 
15.) She has always wanted to be a race car driver.  
16.) She has a culinary degree and won a national cooking contest for the most original cookie, winning $10,000.
17.)  Delilah was born and raised in Chicago. 
18.) She now lives in Portland, Oregon. The rain ensures she is always writing.
19.) Her favorite movies include Amelie, Secretary, Pillow Talk, The Scarlet Pimpernel & White (the French Trilogy).
20.) She once walked in the jungles of Belize in her flip flops at night to go to the bathroom. Until she came across tarantulas.  She never wore flip flops in the jungle again.
21.) Her grandmother calls sex "poom-poom." Seriously.
22.) Delilah is not descedent of royalty. BUT...her great-great-GREAT grandfather was knighted by a King. He was poisoned for his devotion. Badass heroes run in her family.
23.)  She loves kickboxing and running. 
24.) Her favorite sinful snack is salted dark chocolate.
25.) Delilah cannot write with people around because she talks aloud in a British accent as she is writing. It helps her characters come alive but she knows if anyone heard her doing it, they would think she is a freak.    
26.)  She was involved in theater for several years and uses that experience to produce movie-like book trailers.
27.)  She played the pianoforte for 10 years and competed regionally for about 5, taking first place several times.
28.)  Delilah is impressed that you made it this far.  You are either really freakin nosy or a real fan.  She hopes it's the latter.

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