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A Gypsy who sees all realizes when it comes to 


London, England - Winter of 1860

When one can foretell the future and has powerful allies on the other side known as dead, one has a tendency to think they know it all. Unfortunately, while trying to nobly seduce what she knows is her destined husband, Miss Marigold Hadden quickly discovers she has a problem. Mr. Barrington, a railroad tycoon worth millions and a power in his own right, isn't being very cooperative. In fact, he is convinced that her talents are leading her astray.

Can she convince Mr. Barrington that the future she sees is real? Or will she be torn from his side when her all-too-steamy alliance with foreign royalty proves to be more than her gypsy blood can handle?

Don't miss the second hilarious and heartwarmingly romantic installment of a HAPPY CHRISTMAS series! 

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A Happy Christmas series, Book 2

love, the future is as unpredictable as men...

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